YNU Nakata Lab


  • Masaya Nakata Associate Professor

    Dr. Nakata received the Ph.D. degree in informatics from The University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Japan, in 2016. He is an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan. He was mainly working on evolutionary machine learning, data mining, and more specifically, theoretical analysis of evolutionary rule-based learning. His contributions have been published through more than 15 journal papers and 35 conference papers, such as IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, IEEE CEC, GECCO, and PPSN. Since 2019, he has been focusing his research on surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithms.

PhD Student
  • Kei Nishihara Doctoral student 3rd year

  • Hiroki Shiraishi Doctoral student 2nd year

Master Student
  • Takashi Ikeguchi Master student 2nd year

  • Norihiro Kimoto Master student 2nd year

  • Shun Sudo Master student 2nd year

  • Tensuke Koyama Master student 2nd year

  • Yuma Horaguchi Master student 2nd year

  • Ryudai Katou Master student 1st year

  • Shuma Fukuba Master student 1st year

  • Hiroki Fujihashi Master student 1st year

  • Hiroyuki Miyamoto Master student 1st year

  • Tsubasa Shimura Master student 1st year

Undergraduate Student
  • Ryotaro Nakahashi Undergraduate 4th year

  • Yuma Yamaguchi Undergraduate 4th year

  • Ryo Fukami Undergraduate 4th year

  • Reita Sora Undergraduate 4th year